FutureCare, Bitkom, 2009

The special show of the German IT association on around 300 square metres, in
cooperation with Deutsche Messe Hanover, is all about digital achievements concerning
patients: preventative care, emergencies, care at home – on the basis of typical
illnesses and a history that leads the patient through various scenarios, such as at
home, pharmacy, hospital and doctor’s practice, visitors are guided along a
sophisticated route through the exhibition landscape.

In 2009 real rooms were indicated, in 2010 the networking of the various stops was
presented abstractly, with clean white and networked beams of light. In 2011 the stand
is optimised in communication terms and characterised by a central lounge.
German Health Minister Dr Philipp Roesler visited the show.

Photos: Karin Hessmann, Sylvia Leydecker