Lookalike Bench, global:local, Frankfurt/Asahikawa

global:local, initiative between Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) and Asahikawa
Furniture Cooperative, Hokkaido/Japan

The draft idea was the bridge between Japanese tradition and innovation. Tatami mats,
light and shadow, haiku and reduced shape language characterise the bench. It shows
the outstanding craftsmanship of Japanese furniture making through discerning details,
such a corner joins and typography. Following Wabi Sabi the wood can age and take
on a patina. The only decorative element is the haiku, lasered and partly open worked,
and the single kanji projects itself through light on the floor. The prototype of the
furniture was produced by Cosine and Norio Tanno and shown at the IMM.

Photos: Shoichi Maruyama, Erika Koch, Sylvia Leydecker