ProjeCtS: Healthcare

Modern health care interiors are continuously oriented on patients, who expect more
today than just optimal medical treatment. A place of healing should arouse trust and
make patients feel welcome – with everything that involves.

Our health care interiors reflect the hospital’s corporate identity and the doctor’s
personality in a practice. In this way an unmistakeable atmosphere emerges, which
the patients readily decide in favour of because they feel themselves well looked after.
We also have experience of planning for private patients and are well versed in
invoicing private health insurers in Germany.

Not only patients but also staff feel comfortable, and our drafts take both a feel-good
atmosphere and also optimised working procedures into consideration. So that you can
concentrate on what’s important – people.





Get well soon: we design Healthcare-Interiors for Profes-
sionals, Managers, Mums and Grannies, Children, Dementia
Patients, ….