SYLVIA LEYDECKER, Graduate Engineer, Interior Architect bdia AKG


Proprietor of the interior architectural practice 100% interior, founded in 1997.

Studied Interior Architecture at the University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden and the
University of Trisakti in Jakarta/Indonesia. During this time she worked at various
firms of architects and interior architects. Diploma at the fhw 1996.

Before starting her studies she gained international experience at
Lufthansa, associated with contact with a wide range of cultures. Previously long stays
in Paris/France and Manchester/England/UK.

The title “Interior Architect” was awarded in Germany.

The authoritative regulations under professional law are:
Baukammerngesetz NRW (BauKaG NRW, or Chamber of Construction Act,
North Rhine Westphalia)
Durchführungsverordnung zum Baukammerngesetz (DVO BauKaG NRW, or Implementation Regulation of the Chamber of Construction Act)
Main articles of association of the Chamber of Architects NRW

Photos: Reinhard Rosendahl


  • Past Vice President bdia (Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten, German Association of Interior Architects)
  • Past Boardmember IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers)
  • AKG (Association of Healthcare Architects of the Society of German Architects)
  • Specialist member of the board of medAmbiente
  • DDC (Deutscher Designer Club or German Designer Club)
  • Planned in Germany
  • cc-NanoBioNet
  • DV-Nano (Deutscher Verband Nanotechnologie, German Nanotechnology Association)
  • Förderverein Bundesstiftung Baukultur (Friends of the German Foundation for Building Culture)